RFID Wristbands

Clincher ®
RFID Wristbands

The Most Advanced Method of
Inmate Identification
PDC's revolutionary Clincher® Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Wristbands bring an advanced level of identification and tracking to correctional and law enforcement facilities. RFID wristbands contain a microchip and antenna, which allow information to be written to and retrieved by RFID scanners. The system provides today's most advanced method of automatic identification.
Maximize Safety & Security with RFID

Together with GUARDIAN RFID®, your staff can maximize productivity and compliance by automating a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • • Medication administration
  • • Inmate movements
  • • Standing Headcounts
  • • Programs Attendance
  • • Supply passes
  • • Recreation and meal offerings
  • • Real-time activity logging

Clincher X-Wide RFID + GUARDIAN
RFID Key Benefits:

  • • Clincher® is non-transferable and securely worn at all times (unlike badges)
  • • RFID is 20x faster than barcode and easier to use
  • • Clincher® X-Wide lasts significantly longer than thermal and Tyvek® temporary wristbands
  • • Unique RFID wristband mitigates counterfeiting and replication
  • • Fully automate a broader range of data collection needs to eliminate manual and paper-based systems
  • • No line-of-sight record versus barcode-based wristbands
  • • Automatic visual and electronic inmate identification via GUARDIAN RFID Mobile
  • • Supports integration with a wide range of systems
"With GUARDIAN RFID® + Clincher® X-Wide RFID wristbands, we've been able to improve compliance for jail standards -- as well as our defensibility."
"Clincher® X-Wide RFID wristbands with GUARDIAN RFID® have given our facilities the ability to work more efficiently while eliminating paper-based logging."
"The quality of our documentation has been vastly improved with GUARDIAN RFID® and Clincher® X-Wide wristbands."
"Clincher RFID® + GUARDIAN RFID® has been a great operational advantage for our staff. We visually and electronically identify and collect inmate data faster."