Clincher® Extra Wide Wristbands

Clincher® Extra Wide Wristbands

Clincher® Extra Wide Wristbands for Inmate Identification

New Design Engineered for Extra Strength & Durability!

Clincher® Extra Wide wristbands include all the features you love about PDC’s original Clincher® IV & V, plus an additional 1/4“ width for extra strength and durability to withstand the most rugged wear and tear! Inmate data is securely sealed and protected through the laminating process. We suggest using PDC’s new Inmate ID inserts specially designed for Clincher wristbands.

“The Clincher® Extra Wide wristband design has made identifying inmates much easier and more secure. The new wider width ensures the wristband is durably laminated. The tighter seal also keeps water from penetrating and delaminating the wristband over time. Our busy jailers now spend much less time re-banding inmates, saving time and money.”
Lt. Danielle Campfield, Baxter County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas