Clincher® V Wristbands

Clincher® V Wristbands

Clincher® V Wristbands

Streamline operations with bar coding

Since PDC's introduction of the first bar code ID wristband in 1984, we continue to be at the forefront of new technology. Our vast experience, and extensive resources make PDC the preferred choice for bar code identification. Use bar code technology to assist and improve inmate transfer, head counts, commissary account debiting, medication administration.

More facilities are embracing the role that bar code technology plays to help ensure positive inmate identification and streamlined operations. Bar coding can help reduce misidentification errors, which have proven to lead to problems such as erroneous releases and incorrect administration of medications.

All wristbands are latex-free.

Provide positive inmate ID, helping prevent erroneous transfers and releases.

  • Allow a quick and simple scan of a wristband bar code to improve procedures and save time
  • Unlike badge style IDs, Clincher® remains on the inmate at all times (during transportation, exercise, showers, sleep, etc.), ensuring maximum security.